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Whether you are still living in your home or the home is vacant, staging your home is crucial in order to sell it.

Many agents strongly believe that staging a home helps it to sell more quickly. That’s why many of them will make the investment to help stage a home.

We all know that when we enter a home we have our first impression of it. As sellers, we need to make sure that first impression is welcoming and positive in order for that potential buyer to see themselves there.

1. Declutter and Decorate

If you are still living in your home while trying to sell it you must free the home of clutter.

This is easier said than done, we all have our laundry piles and mail on a counter, but get into the habit of putting things away easily in the case there is a showing.

Find a cabinet or cute storage box or bench that you can easily put things into if someone wants to come by. Pack away family photos and your kids latest art project.

Make sure your bathroom and kitchen are sparkling clean. Empty wastebaskets and fold some towels. Light some candles and if you have a pet make sure they are not there and that there is zero trace of them.

Put some flowers in a vase and add a welcoming door mat. All of these small touches will make your home feel more comfortable and desirable.

2. Better Lighting Fixes (almost) Anything

The last thing you want a potential buyer to feel is that the home is dark and unwelcoming. Open all shades in the home and turn on all lights. Make sure the walls are painted a light color such as eggshell white. If needed, add an area rug to cover a darker floor. You want the home to feel bright, warm and clean. This is also important for outside if by chance they stop by in the evening. Make sure walkways are well lit and your house number is easily visible.

3. Furniture Your Home Like a Showroom

Having the right furniture, and furniture placed appropriately will be pleasing to the eye. If you still live in the home you are selling, make sure your furniture is clean and set right. Add some throw pillows. If a couch or piece of furniture is completely worn and looks too dirty to clean, consider renting some furniture to help set the look.

If you have a lot of furniture, you should probably remove most of it. You can store or sell this furniture in the meantime.

Make sure the furniture that remains is placed nicely throughout the room and creates intimate spaces.

If the home is vacant, definitely consider renting furniture to stage the main rooms of the home. Start with the living room and master bedroom.

Remember your home is now something that you want people to buy, so you have to make it look its best!

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